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Get to know Walter, the remarkable boy who inspires us to see the person, not the disability.

Watch Walter’s Story

Explore Walter’s world in Uganda and meet some of his friends.

Walter’s Flying Bus

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Our Partner Ministry

Love and care for children with special needs in Uganda.

100% of support from Focus on the Family will be used to advance the ongoing efforts to give life-saving, life-enhancing care for orphans with special needs in Uganda.

Every child is meant to be chosen and dearly loved

Chosen & Dearly Loved is a mission dedicated to helping orphaned children like Walter to have a better life, and whenever possible, to have a loving forever family.

While all children have to face challenges in life, there are many children in the world who have “special needs.” These are extra challenges they face with their physical or mental abilities, or with their emotions and relationships.

We believe that no matter what special needs a child has, that they belong in a family! And no matter what challenges their families face, they are a gift to their family.

Learn more about our work as champions for orphans with special needs.