Champions for special needs adoption

Children with special physical, mental or emotional needs are often the most likely to become orphans, and least likely to be adopted. We work to increase the number of special needs adoptions or preserve them in their birth families through 4 areas of impact: Adoption Grants, Family Support, Advocacy and Global Care. Through these initiatives we attach the orphan crisis on both ends, increasing the number of adoptions today and reducing the number of orphans tomorrow. We believe every child deserves the life-saving and life-enhancing care of a loving permanent family.

Special Needs Adoption Grants

When reunification is not possible, our foundation advocates for loving, permanent adoptive parents to care for orphaned children.  Chosen and Dearly Loved partners with organizations that remove legal, procedural, and financial barriers to adoption as well as those who provide post placement support. If cost is a barrier for your family, please consider applying for a no-interest loan or partial grant through our partner, Lifesong For Orphans. You can find out more about their application process here.

Meet our Adoptive Families

The Wilkinson Family

As a homeschool Mom, we started studying about other countries and cultures and we found this little boy that needed a sponsor. Little did I know that our girls were praying that we could actually adopt him. When the girls asked us if he could be their little brother, my husband said no, until he found out that “Mason” has the same birthday as him….and then he said to me, ‘he doesn’t have a mommy and daddy, he needs a mommy and daddy’ . . . we are traveling to China to pick up our son any day now!

The Quine Family

There are some people who put their all on the line for the fatherless. Sam and Maria are two of those people. When they were first married, they desired two children, one by adoption. They now have seven beautiful children, five by adoption and are adding two more precious children with severe special needs. They understood from the beginning that Jax had lost one eye to cancer, but they were devastated to find out that his cancer has returned, threatening his good eye. When I spoke with Maria, she said she has never seen paperwork handled so quickly on both sides of the ocean. Evidently, his caregivers are pushing to expedite these adoptions so his condition can be treated in the U.S. They realize their decision may seem foolish and un-wise to some, but Maria explains, “Although, yes we agree that raising nine children is a lot on us on every level . . . we have a passionate broken heart for these children. So we adopt out of LOVE.”

Family Support

Families that adopt children with special needs can often feel alone and overwhelmed by caring for their new child. They need and deserve continuing support, encouragement and training. Chosen & Dearly Loved comes alongside as many special needs adoptions as we can each year, working to be a catalyst for local communities to support families bringing home their adopted child. Our training, regional events and mobile app help more adoptive and foster families find community and the critical resources they need to thrive as families.

Advocacy for Special Needs

We are a leading voice for special needs adoption through key speaking engagements, cutting-edge media productions, mobile apps, print and apparel, as well as targeted awareness campaigns. Our goal is to help compel more families considering adoption to move forward, and to consider orphans with special needs. To book a speaking engagement, please email:

Global Care

Chosen & Dearly Loved seeks to give orphans with special needs the best quality of life possible in their home country. Our long-term partners in developing nations are rescuing and caring for the most vulnerable orphans. Although a special needs adoption is a courageous act of love, we know that providing birth families of children with special needs training and education to prevent child abandonment is a precious gift to these children. We are currently serving orphans with special needs in Uganda and Kenya, where strong local leaders are making huge differences in the face of overwhelming need.

Your support helps us:

Reverse the orphan crisis in the areas we serve
Give the children too often deemed “the least” in the world the greatest gift in the world: loving families.